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Earning your trust.

We believe that an important part of respecting privacy is to be clear about how we handle customers' personal information, and to make information about our approach easily accessible.

We have developed our Privacy Code which sets out the general principles that govern the collection, use and disclosure of our customers' personal information.

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Privacy Code

At The Gold Continent, we have a long-standing policy of protecting the privacy of customers and team members in all of our business operations. The Gold Continent Privacy Code is a formal statement of the principles and guidelines that govern how The Gold Continent protects personal information of its customers (subject to the exclusions noted here and below under scope) and team members. It is based on and incorporates the ten fair information principles. Read legal footnote 1 that form the basis of all applicable privacy legislation in Canada, including Part 1 of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Statutes of Canada 2000).

The Gold Continent Privacy Code was originally published in 2020: we regularly review it to ensure that it reflects legislative and technological changes and that it continues to reflect our practices and commitments.

  • 1. Why do we collect personal information?
    The Gold Continent collects certain information about our subscribers and their property or business assets that form the basis for the records that can be used to conduct day-to-day transactions with institution partners.
  • 2. What personal information do we collect?
    We collect personal information and that which is related to your Property or Business to be be used in a record and verified. For a complete list of information items collected, please Subscribe to the Platform.
  • 3. Who has access to my information?
    Yourself as the provider of the information, The Gold Continent and our institution partners that you give access to on the basis of providing services to you.
  • 4. How is my information protected?
    We use state of the art data encryption service providers as well as renowned Oracle cloud firewall on data storage.
  • 5. What age can I subscribe?
    In order to upload your information and subscribe to the Platform, you must be at least 16 years of age with a Zambia National Registration Card.
  • 6. How does The Gold Continent protect me from harms associated with risks to my privacy?
    We guarantee data security within reason. We will not deliberately share or distribute your information without prior consent.
  • 7. How long is my information stored on the Platform?
    We will maintain your records for as long as you remain a subscriber to the platform. However, because the primary reason for these records are Properties and Business, inactive records will be maintained for historical reference and reconciliation.
  • 8. Does the website use cookies?
  • 9. What devices does the Platform work on?
    The Platform will work seamlessly on your smartphone, desktop computer, laptop or tablet.
  • 10. Will my information be shared or sold to third parties?
    Your information will not be transfered, sold or downloaded to anyone and shall remain stored in the Gold Data Platform. Institution partners will only be able to view the information via our Platform.
  • 11. When is my information shared?
    Your information will only be viewed in relation to your service requests and/or verification of your Property or Business by our institution partners.
  • 12. Will my information be transferred or stored outside of my home country?
    Due to the cloud based nature of the Platform, your information will be stored in the most secure and technically logical data centers which may be outside of your home country. However, it can not be viewed in any circumstances that are not related to your needs.
  • 13. Is my information disclosed to third-party marketers?
  • 14. Is my information used to conduct analytics?
    Yes, only internally to help improve our services.
  • 15. Does the Platform use artificial intelligence (AI)?
    At the moment no AI is involved.
  • 16. What choices are offered about my personal information?
    We request only the information necessary to perform our tasks in order to satisfy your needs. The choice to be involved is entirely up to the user.
  • 17. Who is accountable for The Gold Continent's privacy practices?
    In the manner the information is handled on personal equipment, this is up to the users. Our responsibility begins and ends in areas within our control.
  • 18. How can I inquire further about The Gold Continent's privacy practices?
    You may contact us directly from our contact page.
  • 19. What if I feel my concern is not adequately addressed?
    We are happy to address your concerns but we also cannot provide unreasonable expectations. Our guarantees are only up to the expected technical capacity within industry standards.
  • 20. How is personal information defined by The Gold Continent?
    All information that only applies to you.
  • 21. How can I obtain more information about my country's legislation on privacy?
    Every country is different, but this can be obtained from the local and government regulatory bodies.
  • 22. Will the Privacy Commitment or Code change?
    Privacy regulations are determined by governments. Our business strives to maintain the highest standards in privacy policy. Therefore, our code may change from time to time in order to provide the most security for your information.
  • 23. What happens if my information is breached?
    In the unfortunate event that information is breached, we will investigate to determine what caused the breach and ensure controls are in place to avoid repeat events.
  • 24. In which countries is the Gold Data Platform currently available?
    The Gold Data Platform is currently available in Zambia starting in 2021. We plan to expand our services throughout Africa over time. If you are a private or government institution in Zambia or another country that is interested in our Platform’s services, please contact us.
  • 25. How can I contact The Gold Continent?
    Please visit our contact page.
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