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The Gold Continent Trust Model.

The Gold Continent has established The Gold Continent Trust Model to reflect our commitment to protecting the privacy of those who entrust their personal information to us.  Leveraging our Customers First commitments, we build trust with our stakeholders by using data in a way that generates value, promotes respect and delivers security.

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We build trust with our stakeholders by using data in a way that generates value, promotes respect and delivers security.


Keep reading to learn more about each of The Gold Continent Trust model components.


At The Gold Continent, our definition of value when using data includes an identification of all stakeholders who will gain benefits from the use of the data. We recognize that using data may create risks for some stakeholders and benefits for others. We believe that the value and the risks should be defined in tandem. In order to assess the value and determine the risk, The Gold Continent has established a data governance structure that supports executing on innovative ideas to create value while mitigating risks associated with the use of data. Here are some examples of how we generate value for our stakeholders:

For Our Customers

  • Best-in-class customer experience.

  • Optimizing value and reliability for our subscriber customers.

  • Optimizing value and reliability for our institutional customers.

For Social Good

  • Creating value from informal assets to enable people to leverage what they already own.

  • Improved access to resources that enable people to realize their goals.

  • Enabling people and communities to prosper and grow.

For The Gold Continent

  • New and improved revenue opportunities.

  • Operational efficiency, effectiveness and reliability.


As an organization, we are committed to  the respectful use of data and consider the impact on our customers and affected stakeholders. The Gold Continent will assess whether the use of data or decision-making with data reflects legal requirements, cultural and social norms about acceptable uses of data and will take steps to respect these norms. We believe in being transparent in our practices and strive to build products and services applying the principles of Privacy by Design.  We have an established data risk assessment which considers whether the data uses could lead to unintended consequences that could or may harm individuals. When risks are surfaced we use our data governance structures to develop mitigation processes and remedies.


In order to earn and maintain our customers’ trust, it is essential that we deliver our products and services with security top of mind. This means that Gold Continent establishes specific and clearly defined security controls that are effective and proportional to the risks and the value of the data that needs to be protected.  Our team members are accountable for the protection of the data under their control and must take appropriate measures to prevent loss, damage, abuse or unauthorized access. The Gold Continent ensures that each team member has sufficient training to allow them to properly protect the data under their control. Controls are periodically assessed to ensure that adequate measures are in place to protect data. 

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